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Ruqyah Olive Oil - Ayat Shifa Olive Oil
Ruqyah Olive Oil - Ayat Shifa Olive Oil

Ruqyah Olive Oil - Ayat Shifa Olive Oil

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Ruqyah oil is a natural botanical extract of olive oil that has been blessed with the ayat of Ruqyah to relieve both physical and spiritual ailments. It supports the body's natural healing power with the help of Allah, while cleansing the mind of stress and anxiety. Mother nature has provided us with powerful remedies using natural botanicals that can be used in conjunction with conventional and homeopathic therapies to promote health. Olive oil is synthetic free, sulfate free, radical free, GMO-free. This oil can be used as part of a holistic recovery program as advised by your Raqi. And We sent down the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers...17:82  

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